Foolish move

Post edited to note that trusted sources have assured me that the linked article in the next paragraph misrepresented the Hon. Joe Hockey MP, who apparently is not quite as anti-union as was reported.

I view with intense regret these reported comments by Australian Minister for Workplace Relations Joe Hockey.

Apart from anything else, there’s little more guaranteed to goad trade-unions into a clamour than to pronounce them effectively dead.

With that said, my membership and support of the Liberal Party is safe for as long as it allows me greater freedom to advocate the retention of our Constitutional Monarchy than does the ALP (which foolishly insists on promoting republicanism to the point of requiring it of their MPs.)



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2 responses to “Foolish move

  1. I would like to remind you that there are no republicans in the National Party. The constitutions of the National Party include support for the Monarchy.

  2. Thanks for that reminder, MCB. I treasure our Coalition partners in the Nats; we definitely need more of them in NSW.

    By the way, I much enjoyed looking at your blog. Consider it added to my Blogroll.

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