Welcome to my blog. While you’re reading this, I might as well subject you to a few notions about me by way of background.

Born in late 1982, I’ve lived pretty-much my whole life in NSW.

As one might guess from the former title of this blog (“A most ingenious paradox”), I’m very much into the works of the late messrs Gilbert and Sullivan.

I’m a financial member of the Liberal Party of Australia (NSW Division. Haberfield Branch) and the NSW Right to Life Association, and am a supporter of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (where I spend a fair proportion of my time volunteering.)

Raised Roman-Catholic, I became an atheist at age 13. In early 2003, I became an Anglican and joined my parish of St John the Baptist, Ashfield (subsequently amalgamated into CCIW), where at present I am communicant.

5 responses to “About

  1. Giovanni

    I know your little brother! He is a very nice guy.

  2. I used to live on Parramatta Road in Ashfield, before I moved to South Korea with my wife and daughter, and I’m sure I used to see you on the 461 bus all the time.

  3. Tom Wilson

    No relation to the Admiral, then?

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