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J.B. Chifley’s fine discernment

1] Chifley’s musical taste and enthusiasm, for instance, were for light opera and musical revues. On one occasion Coombs came into his office to find him humming a Gilbert and Sullivan tune. “How is it, Doc,” he asked, “that nobody writes music like that any more?” Coombs replied: “Probably because he’d starve- at least if he lived in Australia!” “Well, anyway,” concluded Chifley before turning to the business in hand, “If you find a fellow who can write that stuff you put him on the Post-War Reconstruction payroll and I won’t enquire too closely what he’s doing.” He was also fond of band music- a fact which was decisive for the founding of the Canberra City Band.

L.F. Crisp Ben Chifley: A Biography. Melbourne: Longman, 1961;3 (pbk.) p154, fn1.


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Foolish move

Post edited to note that trusted sources have assured me that the linked article in the next paragraph misrepresented the Hon. Joe Hockey MP, who apparently is not quite as anti-union as was reported.

I view with intense regret these reported comments by Australian Minister for Workplace Relations Joe Hockey.

Apart from anything else, there’s little more guaranteed to goad trade-unions into a clamour than to pronounce them effectively dead.

With that said, my membership and support of the Liberal Party is safe for as long as it allows me greater freedom to advocate the retention of our Constitutional Monarchy than does the ALP (which foolishly insists on promoting republicanism to the point of requiring it of their MPs.)


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