Two Ronnies and G&S

Note the nod to Ko-Ko from 2:48 to 3:18.


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Various ACM videos

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Caution warranted

Contrary to the thrust of Malcolm Colless’ analysis herein, a fresh assault on Trade Union powers and privileges by the Coalition strikes me as neither prudent nor indicated by the transitory effects of polls.

But the political sands have shifted significantly since the heady days of Labor’s victory. Concern about the erratic style of government, which can be traced directly to Kevin Rudd’s preoccupation with policy micro-management, is starting to show up in the polls and Labor is not the sure-fire election winner it was a few months ago.

Perhaps. Still, unless we assuage resultant concerns somewhat, there’s nothing quite like perceptions of vested interests being threatened to guarantee massive electioneering war-chests flowing to the wrong hands. In the 2007 NSW State election, for instance, one major card the ALP held was concerns about the security of public-sector employment.

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Smurfs for the United Front!

While I wasn’t too keen on Papa Smurf from the start, nonetheless I was a touch startled to come across the following video.

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There was an old blogger called Jack
Who jotted libel on some hack
‘Til a connoisseur in
The drinking of gin
Sawed off the hands from poor Jack,

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Tony Abbott’s Accession

All I can say is:

    Te Deum laudamus:
    te Dominum confitemur.
    Te aeternum Patrem
    omnis terra veneratur.
    Tibi omnes Angeli;
    tibi caeli et universae Potestates;
    Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim
    incessabili voce proclamant:
    Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus,
    Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
    Pleni sunt caeli et terra
    maiestatis gloriae tuae.
    Te gloriosus Apostolorum chorus,
    Te Prophetarum laudabilis numerus,
    Te Martyrum candidatus laudat exercitus.
    Te per orbem terrarum
    sancta confitetur Ecclesia,
    Patrem immensae maiestatis:
    Venerandum tuum verum et unicum Filium;
    Sanctum quoque Paraclitum Spiritum.
    Tu Rex gloriae, Christe.
    Tu Patris sempiternus es Filius.
    Tu ad liberandum suscepturus hominem,
    non horruisti Virginis uterum.
    Tu, devicto mortis aculeo,
    aperuisti credentibus regna caelorum.
    Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes, in gloria Patris.
    Iudex crederis esse venturus.
    Te ergo quaesumus, tuis famulis subveni:
    quos pretioso sanguine redemisti.
    Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuis in gloria numerari.
    Salvum fac populum tuum,
    Domine, et benedic hereditati tuae.
    Et rege eos, et extolle illos usque in aeternum.
    Per singulos dies benedicimus te;
    Et laudamus Nomen tuum in saeculum, et in saeculum saeculi.
    Dignare, Domine, die isto sine peccato nos custodire.
    Miserere nostri domine, miserere nostri.
    Fiat misericordia tua,
    Domine, super nos, quemadmodum speravimus in te.
    In te, Domine, speravi:
    non confundar in aeternum.

Here’s wishing the best!


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IMB Live Piracy Map

Click here. For some background, go here.

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